Monday, October 11, 2010

hate it

long times ago

7.20 am..leave home and go to the office..

7.35 am..arrived at the office where the Along working...
waiting for whoever throught here..

i call Along bcoz nobody here

aku "xde org pun kt snie"

along "cube tgk2 sape je yang ade, liyana ke??"(sape tu mcm la aku knl-hati berbisik)
then someone is going through in front me..

aku "err..err..liyana ye??"

her "ye.knape??" - smbil bg hp to her
tp die agak blur2 je..haha

aku "fatie nk berckp" - dh bg hp tu amek je la

then she took the phone n speak with Along..

a few minite later...

she give my phone back then give the barang yang along kirim..

aku "terima kasih"

her - angguk je..

aku "terima kasih" skali lg..

her - diam seribu bahasa..hahaha

aku tgk die rse mcm nk tergelak pun ade..haha..kalo ye pun bley x senyum sket akak...sombong gile dh bisu..ssh sgt kot nk bls "sama-sama" kat xmkn org la...haha..

the arrogant face

nie la yg aku rse tntg ko..

jd aku akn bg nie tuk ko

mcm2 smile aku bg nie tau..haha

p/s : ssh sgt kn org skrg nk senyum..menyombong lg ade la..hey!!bkn kne byr pun..

Thursday, March 11, 2010

birthday present on 5 march

firstly :::::::: happy birthday to me
happy birthday to me
happy birthday to me

thanx to en. google


thanx to my best2 fren...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

baru lagi kot


about me

bring me your tired, your bored uninspired I will take you all in and serve you up a big 'ol platter of pretty procrastination...
adventures of career dilettante and the many interests explored
do not need to know much about me ok..

> simple
> silent?? of coz not but not so talkative
> so obsessed with beaches, forest n beautiful scenery
> love to climb the hill

selamat datang penulis baru

semestinye la utk aku kn..hahaha

p/s : sila bg tunjuk ajar